[HTT] Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name) [Hi10][BD-720p][Dual-Audio] +2

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Anime - Dub
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Date: 2017-11-10 06:56:05 UTC
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Video: HTT
Source: JPBD
Codec: H264 Hi10

Audio: HTT
Source: JPBD & USBD
Audio Track 1 English 5.1 AAC ~448kbs (English Songs)
Audio Track 2: (Default): Japanese 5.1 ~AAC ~448kbs (Japanese Songs)

Subtitles : MTBB
Subtitle Track 1 Signs (.ass)
Subtitle Track 2 (Default): Full Subtitles [MTBB] (.ass)

This release utilizes the Japanese Blu-Ray and the US Blu-Ray. The included tracks are 5.1 English (English Songs) and 5.1 Japanese (Japanese Songs). Unfortunately, we are currently unable to create a track utilizing the English Dub and Japanese Songs. The only officially available track that does utilize this combo are the UK & AU Blu-Rays, but they are marred with quite bad audio authoring. If we ever learn how to fix this issue, or someone comes forward with a decent sounding track, we will happily v2 this to include it. Also worth noting that we were originally going to include the Japanese 5.1 (English Songs) track, included in the Japanese Blu-Ray, but decided against it. If we ever get the English with Japanese Song track sounding decent, we'll include both.

From MTBB's original subs, we modified a few signs and changed a single line. The track for the English Dub includes only Signs, as the songs were dubbed.


[HTT] Kimi no Na wa. [Blu-Ray][Hi10][720p][48E78967].mkv (3.2 GB)
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