[MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio] +5

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Uploader: Moodkiller
Language: English English
Anime - Dub
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Group: Moodkiller
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Date: 2017-09-02 01:29:57 UTC
File size: 40.4 GB
Seeders: 7
Leechers: 3
Completed: 187
Transferred: 7.4 TB
Info Hash: a0fed76c3e8f60e44a28a89e4974ceb579df3bab
Torrent Info: [AniDex Torrent #73261] v2 with updated audio and video tracks


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Parasyte -the maxim- v2
BD 1080p

• v2 now uses Beatrice-raws 1080p encode
• Subtitle tweaks and fixes applied from the first batch
• Added and synced 5.1 ENG FLAC audio

Affiliated Groups:
Moodkiller [MK], Pikanet128 [Pn8], Beatrice-raws, Underwater, GriloSub, ChocoManga, Scyrous [SCY]
File Extension: .mkv

Source: Beatrice-raws 1080p
Codec: H264 10bit
Resolution: 1920x1080
Frame rate: 23.976

Source: Beatrice-raws, Etzimal (USBD)
Audio Track 1 (Default): 5.1Ch FLAC English 16 bit
Audio Track 2: 2.0Ch FLAC Japanese 24 bit

Source: Underwater, MK, Pn8, GriloSub(OP), ChocoManga(ED k timing)
Subtitle Track 1 (Default): [MK-Pn8] Signs & Songs (.ass) (Underwater Modified)
Subtitle Track 2: [MK-Pn8] Full Subtitles (.ass) (Underwater Modified)

After Scyrous discussed this with me, we decided that he would be the one to handle the 1080p mux. And so, using these new scene-filtered encodes from Beatrice-raws, we present you this lovely remux. Enjoy!


  • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio]
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 01v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][E672142C].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 02v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][E7CE327C].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 03v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][0834B4AE].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 04v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][C4C089FA].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 05v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][54F10333].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 06v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][E926B81A].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 07v3 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][1EE47F75].mkv (1.9 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 08v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][73264E53].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 09v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][5C699996].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 10v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][189D4688].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 11v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][250D8831].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 12v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][1CD27A63].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 13v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][235ED9A7].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 14v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][807545C4].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 15v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][2C59249E].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 16v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][62612281].mkv (1.9 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 17v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][2CB79A16].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 18v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][655593A9].mkv (1.5 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 19v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][D7D89E10].mkv (1.6 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 20v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][D7FE8C51].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 21v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][88958BE6].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 22v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][3322CDF3].mkv (1.7 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 23v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][2D4D1B00].mkv (1.9 GB)
    • [MK-Pn8] Parasyte -the maxim- 24v2 [BD 1080p][Dual-Audio][34A38421].mkv (1.6 GB)
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