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My rip of Aimer's Best Selection album "noir" from the limited edition (SECL-2144) with scans and music videos from the included BD - the MP3 torrent has 720p/AAC videos while the FLAC torrent has 1080p/FLAC videos.

I started working on this off and on since it was released and almost gave up finishing it several times since it was taking me so long. The videos in particular proved difficult to a pleb such as myself due to how they were stored on the BD (single m2ts file for all the videos rather than individual files for each video). These videos are likely bloated compared to the ones from "blanc" since I used CRF16 instead of CRF18, they were done quite a while apart with slightly different methods and I didn't feel up to redoing either set to make them consistent. Eventually I finished up and decided I'd spent too much time and effort on the release to not share it. I hope someone else finds it worthwhile.

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


  • [170503] Aimer Best Selection “noir” [FLAC]
    • BD
    • Scans
    • 01. StarRingChild.flac (40.4 MB)
    • 02. Brave Shine.flac (29.7 MB)
    • 03. insane dream.flac (30.3 MB)
    • 04. Stars in the rain.flac (37.5 MB)
    • 05. Nemuri no Mori.flac (32.7 MB)
    • 06. LAST STARDUST.flac (39.2 MB)
    • 07. Kogoesouna Kisetsu Kara -extended ver.-.flac (28.0 MB)
    • 08. Dare ka, Umi wo..flac (30.1 MB)
    • 09. ninelie by Aimer with chelly (EGOIST).flac (31.9 MB)
    • 10. holLow wORID.flac (36.3 MB)
    • 11. us.flac (32.1 MB)
    • 12. s-AVE by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer.flac (31.6 MB)
    • 13. RE:I AM.flac (41.6 MB)
    • 14. zero.flac (23.3 MB)
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