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While you’re all waiting on Isami 2, I’m shaking off the cobwebs of my admittedly dulled subbing skills (or lack thereof) and reissuing an old ass release that I’ve had encodes sitting on for years. This time, it’s Loveless. These are new encodes done from the Region 2 Japanese DVDs I’ve had since like 2015 (hence the v2), which include improvements to the subs as well (eliminating the dumbass untranslated terms that were actually left as-is on the R1 release), fixing typos here and there, retouched TS among other things. Extras like the creditless OP/EDs had to be sourced from the R1 DVD as they were NOT present on the R2J release, also with new encodes, omakes are R2J based like the main episodes, and the Prologue (Pre-Air Special) is included courtesy of aarinfantasy & Ryuu-Rogue fansubs (Note: It is hardsubbed Xvid avi). Hope you guys enjoy some actual releases here with us at Soldado, even if they are re-issues of old stuff.


  • Loveless 01-04 (Vol. 1-Vol. 2) [DVD][Dual-Audio][Soldado][v2]
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    • [Soldado]_Loveless_01v2_[DVD][10bit][FCDFC0B2].mkv (359 MB)
    • [Soldado]_Loveless_02v2_[DVD][10bit][51C38F7F].mkv (404 MB)
    • [Soldado]_Loveless_03v2_[DVD][10bit][BACF5D87].mkv (396 MB)
    • [Soldado]_Loveless_04v2_[DVD][10bit][7DE486DA].mkv (394 MB)
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