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Out of Touch is a captivating story of friendship, trauma, and the struggle against the darkness that looms in the shadows.
At its heart is CJ, our hero, who reunites with his childhood friends years apart for their final semesters of high school.
Unknown to them, ancient entities, millennia-old and insidious, lurk in the shadows and threaten to take control of their group and their latent powers, which they were unaware of. The group is thrust into a predestined fight for their lives and reality as a whole, where old friendships are rekindled, new bonds are forged, and emotions run high.
Wielding newfound power and unwavering determination to rekindle old relationships, CJ and his friends must unite to overcome the malevolent force that seeks to destroy them. As they battle cosmic forces beyond their comprehension, each must undergo a journey of self-discovery that forces them to question even their very humanity.
Yet their bonds of love prove stronger still, and with the power of an awesome synthwave soundtrack and freaky psychedelic group sex they find they can confront any foe.
Will they emerge victorious, or will evil triumph? Join the group on their journey as they navigate the perilous path of young adulthood, fighting to banish the darkness while balancing their own desires and emotions.


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