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- B-Global video (Thanks to my buddy for sharing his bilibili account)
- Chapters
- Improved timing (line by line)
- Split all "- -" double lines
- Minor dialogue edits (honorifics, name order etc)
- Basic typesetting
- Added italics for lines that are thoughts
- HEVC encode
- "Borrowed" quite a few lines from B-Global (Sentai subs are getting worse and worse).
- Added OP/ED lyrics (Anime Chap)

It takes a long time to clean up the Sentai script. Especially in series like these, where there is a lot of overlapping dialogue. That's why new episodes may appear up to a day late.


[Zafkiel] Urusei Yatsura (2022) - 07 [1080p][HEVC][BBC75B5C].mkv (1.0 GB)
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