Initial D - Third Stage (High Quality) MKV [1080p] Blu-Ray Rip (Stabilized V2) +0

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Uploader: DarkDream787
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Anime - Dub
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Date: 2022-09-21 07:17:30 UTC
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Encoded Initial D - Third Stage into high quality MKV h.264 format with Japanese audio, along with English Subtitles as well.

I fixed the chroma issue that was in my older release. I was using a new filter for the first time, and didnt notice the side effects in chroma until about 2 projects later. I fixed those projects, and am now fixing my Initial D projects.
I not only fixed the chroma issue I intended to fix and the reason for doing the V2, but I also improved the detail slightly more with a better made script.
I synced and used the lossless audio from the Japanese Blu-Ray for the audio source this time, instead of the Japanese audio from the DVD like last time. I also added about 2.5K more video bitrate.



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