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In this story you are a young psychology major, who manages to lose his job, his girlfriend, and a place to live all in a matter of two months and is forced to go back to live with his family: his mom, who is a hot curvy MILF nurse in her 40s and your two sisters (both over 18, naturally).

Your older sister seems to hate your guts, dresses in gothic style, wears long dark fingernails, and has the roundest sexiest big ass you've ever seen in your life. Your younger sister is much more naïve, cute, sweet, and kind. She is very close to you and loves candy, stuffed animals, and the color pink. Her fresh petite breasts constantly distract you from helping her do her homework.

Fortune allows you to get acquainted with a local hypnotherapist, and being a psychology graduate, you are hired to be her assistant. Every day you observe how she hypnotizes her patients. The more you see her do it, the more tempting it becomes to hypnotize the women at home to become yours and yours only...​


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