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And we've reached the end of the line! It's been a fun (albeit a bit stressful sometimes) ride. Thanks to everyone that was involved in this! Just seeing my upload speed saturated is enough to give me *a sense of pride and accomplishment* :)

Now, to the ugly part: last week I noticed some broken styles on a handful of episodes. I'm not gonna bore with you the details (Linux vs Windows fonts memes, and I don't even fully get it), but I went back and checked all episodes to hopefully fix everything.

The rough list of changes:

-Tweaked translation of the OP.
-Tweaked timing and style of OP and ED.
-Touched up some signs.
-TS'd some signs I somehow missed from the original CR subs.
-Fixed (hopefully) all broken fonts on styles.

I made patches for all episodes, so you can use those or just download this batch. Whichever you use, consider showing your torrent client the files so you can seed for a bit ;)

Another batch will come later down the line (hopefully) around the time the Blu-ray releases, with touch-ups to the script and improvements to typesetting. I'm already working on it, but pushing this one out was more urgent because of all the broken stuff.

Did you read all that, or just skipped to the end? I'll stop seeding episodes 1 to 11, since the batch is here now.

See you around!

Source: SubsPlease
Mega Folder with all the goodies for direct download: https://mega.nz/folder/siJBAQRZ#TH384-_fNSaDAOHrNsCGqQ

Please seed for as long as you can :)


User Logo Shirou 2022-06-22 20:21:08 UTC
Thank you very much.. Ended, huh!! It was a good ride..

Any plan for next season?
User Logo Shirou 2022-06-22 20:24:27 UTC
I mean the upcoming summer season...
Default User Logo HyperCookie 2022-06-22 20:40:21 UTC
Don't have anything planned so far, nothing really caught my eye for the summer season. But who knows, I started Deaimon on the spot after watching the first episode.

Maybe I'll work on some shows that already aired and I had on my sights.
User Logo Shirou 2022-06-23 09:42:01 UTC
I see... Thanks
  • [HyperCookie] Deaimon (01-12) (1080p) [Batch]
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    • .pad
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 02 (1080p) [B73E7B4D].mkv (219 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 03 (1080p) [BB7417A0].mkv (250 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 04 (1080p) [216D6026].mkv (240 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 05 (1080p) [0BB07BD3].mkv (283 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 06 (1080p) [1A8771F9].mkv (251 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 07 (1080p) [868B62C5].mkv (212 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 08 (1080p) [8F3D200E].mkv (242 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 09 (1080p) [69585B81].mkv (246 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 10 (1080p) [F9425B07].mkv (240 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 11 (1080p) [1A44BEB7].mkv (267 MB)
    • [HyperCookie] Deaimon - 12 (1080p) [59E2C698].mkv (245 MB)
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