Cuckold Village with the Holy Girl Sherry / 聖少女シェリーと寝取られの村 1.0 (Uncen) [jRPG, NTR, Loli, Sister, Prostitution, Cuckoldry, Sexual Training, Pregnant] JAP +1

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The Holy Church of Mistrel is a religion that dominates the continent,
and Shelly is the pure daughter of its archbishop.
Together with her boyfriend, a hero named Leo, she moves to a countryside village,
where she has been assigned to head-up the local church.
It is said an evil dragon lurks within the land, and this gives Leo a sense of purpose as well.
However, many have eyes for Shelly's pure flesh...even the villagers.
Can Leo and Shelly overcome the many hurdles that await them, and can they succeed in both their duties!?


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Cuckold Village with the Holy Girl Sherry 1.0 (Uncen) (1.0 GB)
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