[HR] Genkoku S01 (2021) COMPLETE [Hulu 1080p HEVC E-OPUS] HR-DR +1

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現実主義勇者の王国再建記 | Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki | How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom | Genkoku {SEASON 1} (2021) COMPLETE [Hulu 1080p HEVC E-OPUS]~Doc_Ramen

Suddenly summoned to a fantasy world and betrothed to the princess, Kazuya Souma is crowned the new king. Unlike the royalty before him, he won’t be using swords and magic to rule; will administrative reform really get this kingdom back on track?

Video: 1920 x 1080 | HEVC H265 10-Bits
Audio: Japanese Opus Enhanced 2 Channels Stereo

Episode Total: 26

Encoder: Doc_Ramen
Sound: Doc_Ramen
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Genkoku S01E01 [0240F393].mkv

Genkoku S01E02 [320484FB].mkv

Genkoku S01E03 [D2BE2E3B].mkv

Genkoku S01E04 [44805D55].mkv

Genkoku S01E05 [FE912635].mkv

Genkoku S01E06 [642DF219].mkv

Genkoku S01E07 [95D05FFE].mkv

Genkoku S01E08 [08D95E6E].mkv

Genkoku S01E09 [2063A194].mkv

Genkoku S01E10 [09590C3B].mkv

Genkoku S01E11 [E75ECE8F].mkv

Genkoku S01E12 [E75ECE8F].mkv

Genkoku S01E13 [4B1D06B1].mkv

Genkoku S01E14 [6A1A0B29].mkv

Genkoku S01E15 [22C06189].mkv

Genkoku S01E16 [77085D7F].mkv

Genkoku S01E17 [05F39267].mkv

Genkoku S01E18 [E6980226].mkv

Genkoku S01E19 [53326E1E].mkv

Genkoku S01E20 [88550838].mkv

Genkoku S01E21 [990A53CB].mkv

Genkoku S01E22 [E70320EE].mkv

Genkoku S01E23 [B4739E6F].mkv

Genkoku S01E24 [4F9EEE79].mkv

Genkoku S01E25 [4FB824A8].mkv

Genkoku S01E26 [115789DB].mkv


  • [HR] Genkoku S01 (2021) COMPLETE [Hulu 1080p HEVC E-OPUS] HR-DR
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E01 [0240F393].mkv (193 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E02 [320484FB].mkv (153 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E03 [D2BE2E3B].mkv (153 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E04 [44805D55].mkv (168 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E05 [FE912635].mkv (164 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E06 [642DF219].mkv (155 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E07 [95D05FFE].mkv (151 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E08 [08D95E6E].mkv (165 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E09 [2063A194].mkv (167 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E10 [09590C3B].mkv (186 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E11 [E75ECE8F].mkv (166 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E12 [E75ECE8F].mkv (211 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E13 [4B1D06B1].mkv (162 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E14 [6A1A0B29].mkv (143 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E15 [22C06189].mkv (149 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E16 [77085D7F].mkv (158 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E17 [05F39267].mkv (115 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E18 [E6980226].mkv (130 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E19 [53326E1E].mkv (154 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E20 [88550838].mkv (145 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E21 [990A53CB].mkv (123 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E22 [E70320EE].mkv (121 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E23 [B4739E6F].mkv (175 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E24 [4F9EEE79].mkv (131 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E25 [4FB824A8].mkv (137 MB)
    • [HR] Genkoku S01E26 [115789DB].mkv (86.2 MB)
    • [HR] 現実主義勇者の王国再建記 {Season 1} (2021) [Hulu 1080p x265 E-OPUS].ske (1.6 KB)
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