Fallen Noble ~Daughter Lithia's Struggle~ / Fallen Noble ~令嬢リシアの奮闘記~ 1.15 (Uncen) [jRPG, Creampie, Pregnancy, Conceived, Big Breasts] JAP +0

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This is a story about the main character, Lithia, who lost her status as Countess due to her plan, and her loyal servant Rosetta, who works hard every day to return to the aristocratic position.
Lithia earns her fame as an adventurer at her request, and Rosetta's main purpose is to earn her money to support her activities.
It's up to the player to decide how his boxed daughter, Lithia, and Rosetta, who loves her husband, confront the harsh realities.
The game progresses by freely switching between the main story of operating Lithia, the quest as an adventurer, and the fund-raising that is recommended by operating Rosetta.
Play a role suitable for two people of the opposite type, or make up for the shortage and capture.


Fallen Noble - Daughter Lithia's Struggle 1.15 [JAP].zip (2.6 GB)
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