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Here’s something you all never knew you wanted, a new fansub of another older anime series. Here’s the first episode of “Soar High! Isami”, or “Isami’s Incredible Shinsen Squad” as NHK officially coins it. Encode’s old af due to this thing being in the lab for quite some time, but will improve encodes eventually once I’m all set up. This is indeed an original translation and not based on the long-since out-of-print mess of an R1 release, which skipped episodes anyway, which we have translated internally anyway. With that being said, enjoy the release. - Eternal_Blizzard

P.S. Got the discord invite forwarding working proper, feel free to drop in and keep up to date on any happenings from us, even if we aren’t the most active of fansubbing groups.


[Soldado-Subs]_Tobe!_Isami_01_[DVD][846E0CDB].mkv (265 MB)
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