Neon Genesis Evangelion 2021 GKIDS BD REMUX - All Episodes, All Dubs, Both Movies [vanner64] v2 +1

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v2 fixes mislabeled subtitle tracks for ADV subtitles and VSI English SDH subtitles. If you got v1 and these don't bother you, you can stick with v1.

Remux of the 2021 GKIDS Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray.

All 26 episode and the two classic movies, Death & Rebirth, and The End of Evangelion.
Original Japanese audio, classic ADV dub, and new VSI dub.
New subtitle translations, but kept the old translations if that’s your style.

Video: 2021 GKIDS Blu-Ray
Samples here from the first episode to avoid spoilers

Audio Tracks, all in lossless 16-bit FLAC:

VSI Dub Surround (ENG)
VSI Dub Stereo (ENG)
Japanese Surround (JPN)
Japanese Stereo (JPN)
ADV Dub Surround (ENG)
Subtitles, all English, kept in PGS to maintain compatibility:

Signs and Songs
Newly subtitled VSI translations
VSI Subtitles, no renewal lines for stereo mix
ADV translation subtitles
English SDH for VSI Dub
Potential Questions:

Q: How can you say this is the best video quality? What about SkippyMcHerpDerp’s encode of-
A: In late 2021, GKIDS and Dynit released new version of Neon Genesis Evangelion. While based on the same film scan as the older JPBD version, the Blu-Ray encode is superior. Any encode, batches, or releases before December 2021 will not look as good as this. While the Italian Dynit BD is respectable, I find the US GKIDS version just a tad better looking, especially around the lines. Take a look for yourself, but it is an extremally subtle difference.
Here is a better close-up that shows how this new US version reduces blockiness with no loss of detail.

Q: OMG why did you put [audio track I don’t like for personal reasons] before [audio track I like for personal reasons]?
A: The audio tracks are in the same order as they are on the Blu-Ray. The ADV audio and subtitles come from a different disc, so when I synced them I included them last. I consider this the most “objective” way of listing the tracks, just listing them as they were. If I put the JPN tracks first, that becomes a subjective debate of which JPN track should be first, and whether or not ADV dub should come before or after VSI dub. If it really bothers you so much, you are more than welcome to run MKVToolNix or MKVToolNix GUI to rearrange the tracks or even remove some.

Q: Why didn’t you include [random fan sub I like for personal reasons]?
A: I have no issues with the newest subtitles. However, I won’t take offense if you add in subtitles by some random person on the internet. I can’t promise they will sync.

Q: I’m new to this show but want to watch. Which audio track or subtitles should I pick?
A: The best answer is “Whatever you enjoy the most” but I’ll steer you away from options that don’t make sense together.
Since VSI Dub Surround sound is the default track on the BD, I made Signs and Songs the default sub track to go with it. Originally, it was the first subtitle track but disabled by default. Signs and Songs go fine with any English track, but you can disable them if you’d like.
The new VSI subtitles go with the 5.1 Japanese Surround track. No Renewal Subtitles go with the Japanese Stereo track. The ADV Subtitles should only be used with Japanese Stereo track.
VSI English SDH should only be used with the VSI English dub since the subtitles are for the literal English voices.

Q: I heard there are different versions of these episodes and movies. What versions are on here?
A: Episodes 21 to 24 are the directors cut versions. That is what was on the discs. Evangelion Death and Rebirth uses the latest version, Death (True)2. The End of Evangelion is the only version. If you’re asking about watch order, just watch the show first, Death, then The End of Evangelion.

Q: Can you make it any smaller?
A: No, the video is untouched and taken directly from the Blu-Ray to ensure quality. I did, however, do you a solid in regards to audio. The original audio tracks are lossless 24-bit DTSHD with a lossy copy of a DTS track. I removed the DTS tracks and converted DTSHD to 16 bit FLAC since it is an open standard and saves on space. If you’re thinking of removing audio tracks with MKVToolNix to save space, I can’t stop you, but you’re looking to only save about 260 MB for removing the 5.1 Surround tracks and 100 MB for removing the stereo tracks per episode.

Q: Wait, you converted 24 bit audio to 16 bit audio. Is that bad?
A: I used to think the same way, but I know better now. The difference between 24 and 16 bit audio is imperceptible to the human ear. 24 bit is fine for recording and editing, but you the viewer don’t need it. You can read more here if you are interested

Thanks to Jysze and Don for helping me with audio encoding. Our ears and hard drives thank you.
Thanks to AntCan for pointing out subtitle errors in v1.


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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion 2021 GKIDS BD REMUX - All Episodes, All Dubs, Both Movies [vanner64] v2
    • NGE 01 - Angel Attack.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 02 - The Beast.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 03 - A Transfer.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 04 - Hedgehog's Dilemma.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 05 - Rei I.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 06 - Rei II.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 07 - A Human Work.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 08 - Asuka Strikes!.mkv (5.9 GB)
    • NGE 09 - Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 10 - Magma Diver.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 11 - The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 12 - She said, 'Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred.'.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 13 - Lilliputian Hitcher.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 14 - Weaving a Story.mkv (5.4 GB)
    • NGE 15 -Those women longed for the touch of others' lips, and thus invited their kisses.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 16 - Splitting of the Breast.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 17 - Fourth Child.mkv (5.7 GB)
    • NGE 18 - Ambivalence.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 19 - Introjection.mkv (5.9 GB)
    • NGE 20 - Weaving a Story 2 oral stage.mkv (5.8 GB)
    • NGE 21' - He was aware that he was still a child.mkv (7.1 GB)
    • NGE 22' - Don't Be.mkv (7.1 GB)
    • NGE 23' - Rei III.mkv (6.3 GB)
    • NGE 24' - The Beginning and the End, or 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'.mkv (6.5 GB)
    • NGE 25 - Do you love me.mkv (5.7 GB)
    • NGE 26 - Take care of yourself.mkv (5.7 GB)
    • NGE Movies
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