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[That's a piece of hard work, feel free to repost to Nyaa because I can't unfortunately] - The complete collection of Sun and Moon series but Rocket Gang is "fixed" here so the continuity between BW-XY-SM-Journeys as well as future series seems less jarring. It is similar to my complete collection of XY series (available soon!) - they both contribute to overreaching Team Rocket TRio continuity between series that doesn't mistreat the characters in the aftermath of messy transition from BW to XY and remains acceptable as continuous canon. So you're expected to be familiar with my XY collection, though not required if you only want to enjoy SM Rocket Gang. Besides, even if you aren’t a Rocket Gang fan this complete collection has still plenty to offer you – consistency and consequence that’s on par with everything else in the series, and if you’re a careful viewer you will no longer be left with the “why are they even still employed” impression when transitioning to the next series.

The general tendency to bring back past characters and reference old events in Journeys has become such a strong statement that past events are in fact 100% canon, something phenomenal that hasn’t really happened before on such a scale in Pokemon anime. This was the final push that motivated me to share this collection for everyone who might find it satisfying and would love a perfectly balanced collection of episodes that can deliver sensible continuity during binge-watching, Rocket Gang TRio included!

Episodes with “R” in the name are episodes that include TR. This collection isn’t as heavily edited and altered as my XY one – mostly very minor and subtle changes but with very positive continuity effect on Rocket Gang TRio in the series.

Episodes are the same quality as original uploads by the sub teams – PM and Some-Stuffs releases. All edits were done with lossless methods, timings of subtitles were readjusted where needed. Changes include small dialogue edits, gentle cuts, re-ordering of some episodes (with positive effect on Rocket Gang pacing) and one heavier edit of the episode. Everything before Aether Paradise’s arc remains the same as original, edits begin later. While reordering some of the episodes I managed to keep the structure of the entire series mostly the same, without things being “off” such as higher tier evolutions shown before their actual episodes.

Key features of this collection:

- Their “must earn cash” episodes aren’t random and completely out of place - but instead with clear progression from Musashi wasting all their money on excessive shopping to cash schemes to Malasada stand.

- The Malasada side business doesn’t actually leave you with the convoluted impression that’s all they do in Alola and they no longer think it’ll somehow matter to HQ… because it doesn’t and they are aware of it.

- Better pacing after the reveal of Ultra Beasts, some gentle nods towards potential ongoing investigations. (The best I could do given the material I had to work with but gets the job done so they’re no longer completely ignorant and are shown busy with some stuff of their own)

- No, they don’t need yet ANOTHER job as announcers at Battle Royal... presumably there to keep an eye on the twerps (and Bevenom) OR as part of their Pokemon heist plan.

- They’re the reason Sakaki makes the sudden call to Kuchinashi and later sends Matori after Nekrozma. They’ve actually provided very useful intel here.

- Their relationship with Matori is less strained and they don’t actually *betray* Team Rocket in such a forced, contrived plot point with zero consequences only to be given the gacha in Journeys. They’re clearly dedicated, capable of some achievements, but a bit weird, awkwardly distracted and short on luck – if anything, the gacha kinda makes more sense now.

- Pacing all across the board is better, they have their better criminal heists more scattered - so you can tell they still care about their REAL job.

- Their participation in the league has slightly better reasoning behind it than completely forced “becoming champions means conquering Alola for Rocket Gang.”

- They are actually sending off their *final* Kiteruguma mecha to HQ in order to score some good-will points with the boss and save face. Next time he calls them he is strangely happy and forgiving, even though Matori says he grew tired of waiting and she herself believes they haven’t really achieved anything. But truth be told she also failed the important mission that came to fruition thanks to their intel so... it’s fair square, makes more sense now.

- I’ve also done a small edit in UB Beauty episode. If you know the game lore and if the episode doesn’t really contradict she was using pheromones – it’s all perfect and Nyasu’s actions in it are understandable and easily forgivable! However, in the original he is all horny over *a creepy different species he canonically can’t understand* - not even a cat Pokemon! - and utterly betrays his friends for it with cold blood… only to be crashed by enormous gilt towards the end which pretty much confirms it WASN’T pheromones, ugh have mercy, something went terribly wrong in this one. So I fixed this. No terrible guilt = it was all pheromones no doubt. Though there is still no mention of pheromones, can't fix it better if no such line of dialogue exist.

Read more about this project in Motivation Behind This Project & Rocket Gang Issues in the Narrative PDF attached in the torrent. Cheers!


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