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All 131 Dragon Ball Super Episodes
The TV Special that is a combination of episode 109 and 110 (Japanese Audio only)

SOFCJ 1080p x264 JPBD Encode

Audio Tracks:
5.1 FLAC English, with JPN appended for 109 to 131 by me
Stereo FLAC Japanese
Stereo ENG w/ JPN Insert for 110, 116, 131 only (KaiDubs and Rhop)

Songs & Signs by KaiDubs
Closed Captions by KaiDubs
Simmons (Blu-ray Subs), OCR done by Isaac, thanks to Corre and Johnster for identification

After checking the most major Dragon Ball Super releases, I noticed the SOFCJ batch had the best overall video quality, see for yourself https://slow.pics/c/QBUL1xpY
Unfortunately, this is a raw release, meaning no subtitles or English Audio tracks.

This release syncs the 5.1 FLAC English Audio, Official Funimation Simmons Blu-Ray subtitles, and fan dubtitles/closed captions text from the KaiDubs release. In addition, the English tracks for episodes 109 to 131 have been appended with the Japanese episode preview audio in the left and right channels. This was done manually by me since the English USBD version of these episodes omits these parts. But don't worry, if you want to skip these, the chapter markers have been muxed in too.

This is the best way to watch the full Japanese footage of Dragon Ball Super short of a remux that is about 900GBs.

Potential Questions:
Q: Why did you use a release based on the JPBD instead of USBD?
A: JPBD has "more" footage for episodes 109 to 131. I also think the JPBD looks better.

Q: Where are the Crunchyroll Subtitles?
A: Crunchyroll subtitles, provided by Toei, have been criticized for including "Dub-isms". That is, taking terms specifically from the dub and using those terms in the subtitles. As such, I see no need for including those when we already have the subtitles by Simmons which is consistent with all Dragon Ball releases by Funimation.


Default User Logo Daeminator 2022-01-02 10:13:26 UTC
Please do upload all the CR subs separately from the KaiDubs release.
Default User Logo 2rrff433 2023-03-02 00:58:41 UTC
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