Emma - A Victorian Romance S1 (Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma) + S2 (... Molders Hen) + Extras [npz][US BD REMUX, 1080p] (Dual Audio) +0

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Audio Tracks:
English 5.1
English 2.0

  • Japanese 2.0

    Subtitle Tracks:
    Signs and Songs

  • Full Subtitles

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    Episode titles are also embedded into each file's title property.

    Original BDMV Emma S1 - 01 M2TS Mediainfo:

    The BDs are encoded using x264, 30-35 Mb/s for video and raw PCM for the 3 audio tracks, including 5.1 surround.
    Converting the 3 PCM tracks to FLAC reduces the size by ~1GB per episode, and converting containers from M2TS to MKV reduceds the size by another ~300 MB per episode.

    Emma S1 info:

    Emma S2 info:

    See the ANN resource links in anidb for updated English credits but ignore the Animax dub credits.

    This is also contained in the BD Credits 1 and Credits 2 videos for each season and more.
    The credits in the OP and ED of each episode were left untranslated and these two Credit ending type videos were provided instead.
    Kickstarter credit video rolls were duplicated across each disk, so are extracted to a common folder.

    English staff
    Director: Joe Digiorgi
    Translation: Mayumi Kobayashi
    Executive producer: Shawne Kleckner
    Producer: Kris Kleckner

    Assistant producer: Judy DeFrieze
    Design: Phillip Grothus

    Dialect Advisor: Rhiannon Ross
    Dialect Coach: Carolyn Johnson and Jim Johnson

    Production Staff: Tara Tisch-Wallace
    Script Adaptation: Clint Bickham

    English cast
    Eileen Montgomery as Emma
    Ted Lewis as William Jones

    Dan Green as Hans
    Erica Schroeder as Kelly Stownar
    James Rieser as Hakim Atawari
    Jessica Calvello as Eleanor Campbell
    Lisa Ortiz as Nanette
    Wayne Grayson as Richard Jones

    Claire Curtis-Ward as Grace Jones
    Martin Billany as Al
    Tara Tisch-Wallace as Vivian Jones (as Tara Tisch)

    Jessica Calvello as Monica Mildrake

    Eileen Montgomery, Claire Curtis-Ward, and Martin Billany are UK natives.
    In addition to anime and game voice acting experience most have, all VAs also have
    extensive theater experience.

    On proper era dialect and dialogue, see:

    Emma dub trailer:
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    • Emma - A Victorian Romance S1 (Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma) + S2 (... Molders Hen) + Extras [npz][US BD REMUX, 1080p] (Dual Audio)
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      • Emma KS Credits
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