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A scrub of episodes 45 to 48 of the series New Kamen Rider (commonly known as Skyrider) onto HD streaming RAWs. This uses as a basis the KITsubs translation of the series with some editing and supplimental translation by Jupiter.

This release is 720p 8-bit H.264 MKVs with softsubs. There is a separate release for 480p hardsubs.

Thanks to KITsubs and Jupiter for the translations used in this series releases!

DDL (HD #1): https://mega.nz/folder/eHx1Wa4D#oEnw36oIc_LVN-yq1YiDCg
DDL (HD #2): https://mega.nz/folder/sOZnBCxD#68yBAUVSNsxOGVu5G5pLwg
DDL (HD #3): https://mega.nz/folder/CB8CCKrI#dukFaIMA37_A0Ka3o31_VA
DDL (SD #1): https://mega.nz/folder/6XhgEbgR#Hpooq2sZ6eftYsGy_zYWJQ
DDL (SD #2): https://mega.nz/folder/8P50VZYA#PhXdy0STcdG3T8RMHiAiNQ
Blog: https://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/


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