[Tangmen] Soul Land / Douluo Dalu / 斗罗大陆 - 144 [WEB 1080p][H264 AAC] +1

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Video: H264/AVC 8bit 1080p - Ripped from WeTV (Clean version without chinese hardsub)
Audo: AAC ~96kbps
Subs: English

There are 2 track subtitles
track 1: English ASS (Tangmen), edited from Official
track 2: English SRT (WeTV / Tencent), Official

Add lyrics for OP & ED (since eps 139), for you who haven’t memorized the song or can’t read Hànzì, you can sing the song now :D


[Tangmen] Soul Land - 144 [WEB 1080p] [F71153B5].mkv (589 MB)
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