[HR] 3/11-The Tsunami: The First Year (2021) [Web 1080p HEVC E-OPUS] ~HR-DR +4

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[HR] 3/11-The Tsunami: The First Year (2021) [NHK World Japan 1080p HEVC E-OPUS]-Doc_Ramen

After the mega-tsunami hit Japan in 2011, survivors who'd lost everything struggled to recover. Many people lost not only their homes, but loved ones and livelihoods as well. Beloved traditions were in danger of disappearing. Rumors of radioactive crops devastated farms and fisheries. And many residents feared that those who'd been forced to evacuate would never return. Follow their year-long effort to rebuild their communities with exclusive footage filmed at the center of the disaster.

Video: 1920 x 1080 | HEVC h265 10-Bits

Audio: Japanese Opus Enhanced 2 Channels Stereo

Duration: 1h 59m 17s

Encoder: Doc_Ramen
Sound: Doc_Ramen

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English (Hardsubbed)

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3-11 The Tsunami - The First Year (2021).mkv [4a319fdd139abbccc2458c5f537baa34eeaebb6e15145a82c19a39d05e1c4d8f6fa858c0674194751729c90b261237c01ab3991c44b5620df013a08e628a3f42]


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