[Nyanpasu] Wonder Egg Priority 1-4 [1080p][HEVC] +2

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Date: 2021-02-08 17:52:21 UTC
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-Removed funi logo
-Added Honorifics
-Added chapters
-Reformatted text (no more tripleliners)
-Restored original name order
-Added TS
-Completely fixed the timing (every single line is timed manually to the nearest keyframe)
-HEVC 1080p 10bit encode (video quality is basically 1:1 with funi's one, except the file size)
-Added OP lyrics

Ep 2,3 - Added OP
EP 1-3 - increased font vertical spacing
EP4 - minor adjustments


Default User Logo white_rabbbit 2021-02-09 02:13:53 UTC
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    • [Nyanpasu] Wonder Egg Priority - 03v2 [1080p][HEVC][B9313C36].mkv (449 MB)
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