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Rinka Urushiba is an ordinary, if poor, high school student. With her father no longer employed, she spends every day working to save money so that they can both keep living in their small apartment. That all changes one day when Rinka sees a flying penguin and chases it to the top of the New Tokyo Tower—where she is confronted by a glowing fish swimming through the sky, who grants her the power to phase through solid objects, turning her hair as white as snow in the process. The only problem is that she isn't the only one to gain superpowers, and Tokyo quickly finds itself in dire need of heroes. Tokyo ESP follows Rinka's struggles as she inadvertently becomes the heroine known to the public as the "White Girl" for her hair and powers. Working alongside Kyoutarou Azuma, a classmate with the power of teleportation, she'll deal with the growing threat of those that would abuse their own powers. But will she and her sense of justice be able to survive as the stakes grow higher, and the foes they face grow stronger?

Encoder: SallySubs

Subs: Kaylith (Font changed back to original)



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