80s ANIME Movies Pack 2: Space Adventure Cobra, Golgo 13: The Professional, Megazone 23 OVAs, Angel's Egg, Bubblegum Crisis, My Neighbor Totoro, Gunbuster, Hades Project Zeorymer, Riding Bean, Venus Wars: 1080p BluRay DUAL AUDIO x264 +1

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I created this 2nd torrent as a "starter pack" of sorts for those who are interested in 1980s anime (1982-1989 with THIS pack) and don't yet know WHERE to start at, LOL! Now that I'm on my SECOND pack for the 1980s Anime MOVIES, I'm going to continue creating MORE packs like THIS until I'm finished covering 1980s anime (at least the Movies and OVAs)...

This 2nd torrent compilation containing Anime MOVIES from the 1980s has the following TEN Movies and OVAs in 1080p BluRay Resolution:

01. Space Adventure Cobra - The Movie (1982 BluRay - 1080p JAP Audio)
02. Golgo 13 - The Professional (1983 BluRay - 1080p QUAD Audio)
03. Megazone 23 (1985-89 BluRay - 1080p TRI Audio)
04. Angel's Egg (1985 BluRay - 1080p JAP Audio)
05. Bubblegum Crisis (1987-1991 BluRay - 1080p DUAL Audio)
06. My Neighbor Totoro (1988 BluRay - 1080p DUAL Audio)
07. Gunbuster (1988-89 BluRay - 1080p JAP Audio)
08. Hades Project Zeorymer (1988-1990 BluRay - 1080p JAP Audio)
09. Riding Bean (1989 BluRay - 1080p DUAL Audio x5)
10. Venus Wars (1989 BluRay - 1080p TRI Audio)

Plot Synopsis:

Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie (1982) - "In deep Space, the United Galaxies Federation of Justice set bounties over all kinds of criminals. Cobra is back in action to help bounty-hunter June find her two sisters, and save planet Myras. But Lord Nekron, leader of the Galactic Guild, a powerful criminal organization, is following their track with the same goal..."

Golgo 13: The Professional (1983) - "Indestructible to his enemies and irrestible to women, the professional assassin codenamed GOLGO 13 is shrouded in mystery and anonymity. If you're on his hit list your already dead. Always hired on his reputation alone, GOLGO 13 never breaks a contract. But can he survive the combine forces of the FBI, CIA, The Pentagon and the U.S. Army? Has the nameless agent finally met his match against the superhuman powers of the Snake and the twin evils of the psychopathic mercenaries, Gold and Silver?"

MegaZone 23 (1985-89) - "Shougo Yahagi is a young motorcycle enthusiast living in a world of hot bikes, hard rock, and J-pop idols. The general populace go about their lives in peace, under the watchful eyes of a computer program in the guise of pop idol sensation Eve, unbeknownst to them. Shougo himself is mostly concerned with riding his motorcycle and picking up beautiful women like Yui Takanaka, who aspires to be a dancer.

Shougo's life suddenly changes when his friend, Shinji Nakagawa, shows him a top-secret project: the "Garland," an advanced motorcycle that can transform into a robot. Ambushed by the military, Shougo hijacks the Garland and escapes into the city. Evading the military with the help of Yui and her friends, he gradually discovers that their idyllic society is only an illusion."

Angel's Egg (1985) - "In a desolate and dark world full of shadows, lives one little girl who seems to do nothing but collect water in jars and protect a large egg she carries everywhere. A mysterious man enters her life... and they discuss the world around them."

Bubblegum Crisis (1987-1991) - "A female mercenary team, armed with unique power armor suits, battle the forces of the corrupt mega-corporation, Genom in futuristic Tokyo."

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - "Two young girls, 10-year-old Satsuki and her 4-year-old sister Mei, move into a house in the country with their father to be closer to their hospitalized mother. Satsuki and Mei discover that the nearby forest is inhabited by magical creatures called Totoros (pronounced toe-toe-ro). They soon befriend these Totoros, and have several magical adventures."

Gunbuster (1988-89) - "In the future, Earth is under attack by gigantic aliens. Noriko Takaya, daughter of a famous captain in the battle against the aliens, enlists in the military to combat the aliens, but must struggle with her memories, the pressures of training, the ridicule of her classmates, and herself to make herself ready to be a mech pilot. She is eventually partnered up with her rival/idol, and given control of one of two Gunbuster mechs, Earth's most powerful weapon to combat the aliens. With the fate of the earth in her hands, Noriko flies off to meet her destiny..."

Hades Project Zeorymer (1988-1990) - "Masato, a seemingly typical high school student, has his life turned upside-down when he is suddenly arrested without explanation, after which his parents show up and tell him they aren't his real parents, but actually, government employees paid to pose as his mother and father. He later learns that he had been selected (apparently a long time ago) to be the pilot for a giant fighting robot called the Zeorymer. His assignment is to fight Hau Dragon, the shadowy organization that built the Zeorymer, along with seven other robots they still control."

Riding Bean (1989) - "Based on the manga (Japanese graphic novels) of the same name, this OAV is set in Chicago and (Original Animation Video) follows the adventures of expert "wheel man" Bean Bandit and his girlfriend Rally as they become mixed up in an intricate kidnapping plot involving a millionaire and his daughter. Riding Bean's creator, Kenichi Sonada, was heavily influenced by the movie The Blues Brothers."

Venus Wars (1989) - "The new frontier of Venus has degenerated into a dystopia ravaged by the civil war between Ishtar and Aphrodia. Bubbly reporter Susan Sommers arrives in the capitol of Aphrodia just before it's captured by Ishtar. She falls in with a bunch of teen-agers who live for a sort of motorcycle version of Roller Derby. Daredevil rider Hiro and his friends reluctantly join the struggle to free Aphrodia from the invaders. Not surprisingly, Hiro proves an ace at piloting the mono-cycles that are the Aphrodians' secret weapon in the key battle."


Name (Title): 1980s ANIME Movies (Pack 2) - Space Adventure Cobra, Golgo 13: The Professional, Megazone 23 OVAs, Angel's Egg, Bubblegum Crisis, My Neighbor Totoro, Gunbuster, Hades Project Zeorymer, Riding Bean, Venus Wars - 1080p BluRay DUAL Audio x264.

Category Type: Anime (Cartoons).

Length (Duration): VARIES by Film or OVA.

Year(s): 1982-1989.

Genre(s): Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Crime, Comedy, etc...

Resolution: 1080p.

Rip Type (Source): BluRay.

Codec Type: x264.

Format of File(s): MKV(s) for everything but the Extras that I compiled (all of them are in MP4 format).

Audio Format & Language(s): ENGLISH and JAPANESE audios in mainly AC3 2.0/5.1 Channel Formats. Whenever you see a movie with a "TRI" or "QUAD" in the filename title, it's either an additional Japanese or English audio track that I found and/or a Commentary track.

Subtitles: YES -> Internal SSA Subs muxed into each Movie.

Chapters: YES (for all of the Films/OVAs that included them already).

Information Link(s): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1980s_anime


  • 80s ANIME Movies Pack 2: Space Adventure Cobra, Golgo 13: The Professional, Megazone 23 OVAs, Angel's Egg, Bubblegum Crisis, My Neighbor Totoro, Gunbuster, Hades Project Zeorymer, Riding Bean, Venus Wars: 1080p BluRay DUAL AUDIO x264
    • 01. Space Adventure Cobra (1982)
    • 02a. Golgo 13 - The Professional (1983)
    • 02b. Extras
    • 03a. Megazone 23 (1985-89)
    • 03b. Extras
    • 04a. Angel's Egg (1985)
    • 04b. Extras
    • 05a. Bubblegum Crisis (1987-1991)
    • 05b. Music Videos
    • 05c. Promo Videos
    • 06a. My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
    • 06b. Extra
    • 07a. Gunbuster (1988-89)
    • 07b. Lessons
    • 07c. Extras
    • 08. Hades Project Zeorymer (1988-1990)
    • 09a. Riding Bean (1989)
    • 09b. Extras
    • 10a. Venus Wars (1989)
    • 10b. Extras
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