[Nep_Blanc] Overlord III [1080p] [x265] [10Bit] [Dual Audio] [Subbed] +0

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Overlord Season III taken from the Source BD Encoded by me with great care.

Codec: H265 HEVC
Encoder: x265 10Bit
Resolution: 1920x1080
Framerate: 23.976

Track1: Flac 16-Bit lossless audio with Japanese in 2.0 Stereo
Track2: Flac 24-Bit lossless audio with English in 5.1 Surround

Track 1 - [LostYears] Subs
Track 2 - [LostYears] Signs/Songs

Chapters included

[Video quality]
We use CRF 18, a high-quality bitrate setting that is a standard recommendation on Doom9 (the expert encoding forum). Rest assured that this video will look perfectly fine even when watched closely on a large screen. CRF 18 avoids pointlessly bloating bitrate for virtually no gain, so you get a great balance of quality and size.

[Audio quality]
This encode uses FLAC, which is lossless but also very large. For virtually the same quality at a much lower filesize, request for a [Small] encode instead on our discord, which uses lossy AAC encoding to strike a better balance. (The video in both encodes is identical.)

If there are any issues please comment below with good pointers where something goes wrong.
Have fun watching and hope you like this torrent.

Great nepping Greetings,



  • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III [1080p] [x265] [10Bit] [Dual Audio] [Subbed]
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 01.mkv (596 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 02.mkv (667 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 03.mkv (611 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 04.mkv (597 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 05.mkv (588 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 06.mkv (577 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 07.mkv (621 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 08.mkv (665 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 09.mkv (664 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 10.mkv (605 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 11.mkv (755 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 12.mkv (785 MB)
    • [Nep_Blanc] Overlord III 13.mkv (600 MB)
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