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Put under Live Action since the majority is the character show and readings...

I’ll apologize in advance for my many inadequacies and any stupid mistakes. If you notice something off please let me know.

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


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  • [200715] Star☆Twinkle Precure Kanshasai [BD 720p AAC]
    • 01. Star☆Twinkle Precure Kanshasai [BD 720p Hi10 x264 AAC] [B1B445B4].mkv (3.3 GB)
    • 02. Family Performance Digest [BD 720p Hi10 x264 AAC] [95282024].mkv (1.1 GB)
    • 03. “Premium Performance” Final Farewell [BD 720p Hi10 x264 AAC] [0F549C33].mkv (779 MB)
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