[RPG] Wife-Hunting Labyrinth ver.1.0 [English-Machine Translated] / 妻獲り迷宮~シェラリィドの異種姦終身刑~ +0

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Our adventurous heroine Sheeraride has been cursed with abstinence!
And the only cure lies deep inside a vicious labyrinth.
But the maze is populated by monsters who want nothing more than to get her pregnant.

Success means a cure, but defeat means an eternity of interspecies violation!

Can you help her escape the labyrinth unharmed?​

A girl who's keeping her womb safe to revive her family's good name is sullied, violated, and humiliated by beasts! If she can just keep her pride intact, she'll be victorious!
An RPG created with the eroticism in mind! Scenarios, status effects, battle balance, gameplay --
it's all finely tuned to give you the most erotic experience possible.
You can lose in 3 minutes for some H scenes, or keep on fighting!
An easy good end, no leveling, and packed with frequent H scenes!

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Wife-Hunting Labyrinth ver.1.0 [EnglishMTL].rar (444 MB)
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