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And now we’re down to none?: Ninku 55 720p Blu-Ray release by Soldado and Saizen. Visit us at #Soldado-Subs@irc.rizon.net and #Saizen@irc.rizon.net. And now for the fansubbing staff credits.

Staff Credits:
Translators: ronahn (26-32), Eternal_Blizzard* (33-50), convexity (33+), tenkenX6 (43)
Translation Checkers: convexity (26-31, 33-50), tenkenX6 (43)
Song Translations: chichiri(OP, ED 1 *DB), convexity (ED 2, ED 3), Mori (Insert in ep 39)
Editors: pheon18 (26-30), Eternal_Blizzard (31+)
Timer: Eternal_Blizzard
Typesetters: zegond (26-30 DVD), Eternal_Blizzard
Encoder: Eternal_Blizzard
Quality Checkers: Ashur (26), CP (26-30)(RIP), sangofe (26-28, 31-32), Collectr (29+), pheon18 (31-32), konnakude (26-31), bananadoyouwanna(33+), E_B
Karaoke Styler: Shujin0

P.S: We have one more thing left to do, and that is the Drama CD, which will be released along with the final definitive batch, so stay tuned.


[SolZen]_Ninku_55_[END][BD-720p][10bit][A70DFC24].mkv (959 MB)
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