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Lazy mode release. The CDs from 2017 were all ripped prior to my switching from fre:ac to EAC, so no logs or cues since I did not feel like redoing them. Other than 'The Other Side of the Wall' they also have no scans since I did not have any intention to upload them originally ('The Other Side of the Wall' was scanned fairly recently because someone asked for them)

It's possible I'll go back and redo these earlier CDs at some point in time, but probably not to be honest. Sharing them now with the Crown Handler CDs because, why not.

I’ll apologize in advance for my many inadequacies and any stupid mistakes. If you notice something off please let me know.

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


  • Princess Principal [MP3]
    • [200327] Princess Principal THE LIVE Yuki Kajiura × Void_Chords [MP3]
    • [170726] Princess Principal OP Single - The Other Side of the Wall
    • [170802] Princess Principal ED Single - A Page of My Story
    • [170830] Princess Principal Character Song Mini Album - 5 Moving Shadows
    • [170927] Princess Principal Original Soundtrack - Sound of Foggy London
    • [200408] Princess Principal Crown Handler ED Single - Nowhere Land
    • [200408] Princess Principal Crown Handler OP Single - LIES & TIES
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