[ACT] Galaxy Gunners (JP) / ギャラクシーガンナーズ +0

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Date: 2020-06-30 03:40:08 UTC
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An extremely brutal and innovative gun action game!

This is a fighting game with a focus on using a variety of interesting guns
to unleash pain on your opponent!

* Simple and smooth!
No complex commands means you can hop into the action easily!

* The fight doesn't end after defeat!
After defeat, the loser is stripped,
and free to be brutally finished to the heart's content!
Some characters can use rape techniques as well.

* Brutal final shots to put your opponent to rest!
Stripped opponents can be finished off with final shot techniques.
Sliced in half with sword-guns, dynamite penetration,
flamethrower barbecues, brain shots from the mouth, gun shots into the vagina,
and more.
* All characters can use these.

* Absolute despair no matter how much you struggle! Brutal endings.
Even the victorious girls have hell awaiting them.
Tentacle climax hell, dick slave training, futanari rapid-fire orgasms, alien birthing...

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Galaxy Gunners.rar (317 MB)
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