[NDS] Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed / 無限のフロンティアEXCEED スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ [English Patched] +0

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**Title**: Mugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga
**Original Title**: 無限のフロンティアEXCEED スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ
**Year**: Japan February 25, 2010; English Patch 12 Oct 2019
**Developer**: Monolith Soft, Banpresto
**Publishers**: Namco Bandai
**Language**: English
**Translation**: [Artema Translations](https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-super-robot-wars-og-saga-endless-frontier-exceed-artema-translations.550014/)

A sequel to Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier. All the characters from the prequel will be returning. The game also features Axel Almer, Einst Alchemie and Fighter Roar, three characters from the main Super Robot Wars series (SD The Great Battle, Advance and Impact respectively) who also appeared in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series; and two original characters completely new to the series, Alady Na'ash and Neige Hausen. The Opening song performed by Mizuki Nana titled "UNCHAIN∞WORLD" and the movie sequences done by the Animation Studio XEBEC.


1. "We know the patched Japanese ROMs work with DeSMuMe and Drastic emulators." - Artema Translations



Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier Exceed.nds (256 MB)
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