[200115] HoneyWorks - Sukisugite Yabai. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Character Song Shuu~ [Video] +0

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Quick note: since the music video for "Namaiki Honey -another story-" shows the lyrics from "Namaiki Honey" as well I decided to add it as a secondary track, just for fun.

I’ll apologize in advance for my many inadequacies and any stupid mistakes. If you notice something off please let me know.

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


  • [200115] HoneyWorks - Sukisugite Yabai. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Character Song Shuu~ [Video]
    • 01. Suzumi Hiyori no 『LIP×LIP』 Shuzai Report! (DVD Hi10 x264 AAC) [CFDEE375].mkv (122 MB)
    • 02. “Namaiki Honey -another story-” Making Special Movie 〜Recording & Music Video〜 (DVD Hi10 x264 AAC) [2D9F2E73].mkv (346 MB)
    • 03. Tokyo Winter Session (MUSIC VIDEO) (DVD Hi10 x264 AAC) [8592F2C3].mkv (76.8 MB)
    • 04. Namaiki Honey -another story- (MUSIC VIDEO) (DVD Hi10 x264 AAC×2) [8C15A870].mkv (77.5 MB)
    • 05. Fiancé (MUSIC VIDEO) (DVD Hi10 x264 AAC) [DCBAE7C8].mkv (72.2 MB)
    • SMCL-637.ISO (2.6 GB)
    • SMCL-637.MDS (4.2 KB)
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