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*coughs up blood* Why Nagai why? I trusted you.
When you brought Kongou back to being a fresh transferee, I believed.
When you retconned Awatsuki and Wannai to not having fought before, I believed.

So why the hell did you have to remind us that Silent Party exists?
I tried so hard in therapy to forget muh deepest Darkness but you just had to drag up my PTSD.

Well at least Genesis Testament 1 is out now so we can have a gay old time yet again woohoo for more fukou shenanigans.

Personal thanks to @phantasm_nohma and @Terumi_Tenjou for QCing the previous eps for the eventual compilation upload and for making the job much less of a chore to deal with.

If you like the dumb shit I put out on a daily basis, then I suggest you follow these idiots too.

As always dont forget to share and seed if you enjoyed this.
If you wanna see more or know when I’m working on an episode or just wanna reach out to me, I’m always up on @anopocrypha or @HlidskjalfHQ
Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!


[Gremlin] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T - 05 [720p].mkv (703 MB)
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