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As a collaboration between Bereke Scrubs and Midnight Crew Subs, here's a new release (based off web streaming sources) of Kamen Rider Stronger episodes 25-28. For episodes 1 and 22-39, we'll be using the previously available Midnight Crew Subs/Midnight Crew + KITsubs translation, but for 2-21 we have a new translation courtesy of Midnight Crew Subs. Editing was done by Bereke Scrubs.

This release is 480p 8-bit H.264 MP4s with hardsubs. There is a separate release for 720p softsubs.

Thanks to Midnight Crew Subs and KITsubs for the material used in this release!

DDL (HD #01-20): https://mega.nz/#F!Atkj2ApZ!a1UX_XXbFESVqzSKDB2JJw
DDL (HD #21+): https://mega.nz/#F!NMEyhY7L!uAq80b8lu2ekjngktvTLAQ
DDL (SD): https://mega.nz/#F!AdwBjQwY!yc4YAYNnHq-u1DIoeQgadA
Blog (Bereke): https://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/
Blog (Midnight Crew): https://midnightcrewsubs.tumblr.com/


  • [KT-MC-BK] Kamen Rider Stronger - 25-28 [480p]
    • [KT-MC-BK] Kamen Rider Stronger - 28 - Oh No! Stronger Is in Pieces...! [480p] [0092A113].mp4 (395 MB)
    • [KT-MC-BK] Kamen Rider Stronger - 26 - Look!! The True Face of The Great Leader!! [480p] [194FF835].mp4 (343 MB)
    • [KT-MC-BK] Kamen Rider Stronger - 27 - CyberDemon! The Delza Army Appears!! [480p] [C45DE308].mp4 (381 MB)
    • [KT-MC-BK] Kamen Rider Stronger - 25 - Don't Die!! Jo Shigeru's Electric Chair [480p] [5F83164F].mp4 (383 MB)
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