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  • Spice and Wolf OST collection
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf II OP Single - Mitsu no Yoake [Arai Akino] (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Ookami to Koushinryou - Tonari ni iruyo (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf ED Single - Ringo Hiyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf II ED Single - Perfect World (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf II Original Soundtrack (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf OP Single - Tabi no Tochuu [Kiyoura Natsumi] (FLAC)
    • [LonE] Spice and Wolf Original Soundtrack - Ookami to Tabi no Ongaku (FLAC)
    • Spice and Wolf - Ookami to Kohaku Shoku no Yuuutsu (Drama CD)
    • Spice and Wolf - Ookami to Momo no Hachimitsu Duke (Radio CD)
    • Spice and Wolf - Umi wo Wataru Kaze OST (Nintendo DS)
    • Spice and Wolf - Wolf's Spicy-Radio 1 (Radio Drama DJCD)
    • Spice and Wolf II - Wolf's Spicy-Radio 2 (Radio Drama DJCD)
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