[GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is War~ - Volume 2 (BD 1080p) +0

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- https://discord.gg/hQewDqS

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It is highly recommended that you use mpv.
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  • [GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is War~ - Volume 2 (BD 1080p)
    • [GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is War~ - 04 (BD 1080p) [E55A0BBC].mkv (1.1 GB)
    • [GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is War~ - 03 (BD 1080p) [8B90F6DE].mkv (1.0 GB)
    • [GJM] Kaguya-sama ~Love is War~ - NCED2 (BD 1080p) [12C705AA].mkv (44.8 MB)
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