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Please use the subtitle files contained here (https://mega.nz/#F!01d3lKxT!jsQBubznFNQGDpUNV2KoFw) instead of the embedded ones. These are the TLC'd versions by Terra, resampled to 1080p and renamed for convenience, which should be considered necessary improvements. Place them in the same folder as the video files and your player should use them by default. If you are using a non-standard video player or have changed the default subtitle selection settings, you may need to select the external track manually.

Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System 1-3

Subs: Tezu, SCY (lyrics)
Encodes: VCB-Studio

Fixed a plethora of spelling and grammar errors
Rephrased a lot of lines to sound more natural
Cleaned up the timing by snapping to keyframes and making adjacent lines continuous
Added typesetting
Added OPED lyrics
Restyled to match SCY's releases of S1, S2, and the movie
Updated several common lines and terms to match SCY's releases
Changed English (UK) to English (US)


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