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It’s a living nightmare doing this, adjusting all the terms and shit. But it pays off in the end.(I hope.)

Anyway, a little announcement on the side.

I would very much like to thank frozensteinpp (YES, the same person who posts my shit on the subreddit wow.) for taking time out of their already busy life
to help out with the translation of Index-tan 7. I know you’re reading this dood, so thanks a lot I. looked through the initial draft and it was all I could ever hope for.

I’ll get to work on revising it maybe within next week.

On a another related note, [Gremlin] is now under the gracious endorsement and support of AnonRaildex. WOO fuckin HOO.
I used to only collab during the Index BD resource scavenging but here I am.

This means that:

I might have better options when it comes to adapting terminology and the like, especially for original or filler episodes.
I’ll have better access to translating otherwise yet untranslated content. (Like Index-tan 7 for example)
Does this mean that [Gremlin] is officially changing to [AnonRaildex]?
No. This is my shitshow. Though I will credit them for whatever changes occur if it ever happens. (I’m not an asshole)

Will it affect episode release schedules?
Not necessarily. I’ll only let AR intervene should it ever focus on a BD release or some other form of media that requires subbing.
I mean, I HAVE been interested in doing the Anglican Dorm SS Drama CD so maybe there’s hope for that.

All in all, I’m hella grateful and I look forward to working with them. Especially with Railgun 3 on the horizon, definitely need some extra hands there.

As always, You can contact me on Twitter at both @anopocrypha and @HlidskjalfHQ if you’re ever interested.

Again, if you wanna see more of this, please don’t forget to seed and share with your pals!
I’ll see ya guys next week!


[Gremlin] Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator - 11 [720p].mkv (702 MB)
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