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The final episode of Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection features episode 50 of Rainbow Live. This was a fun little project. Yes, it has a next-time preview for PriPara School, but no, I don't intend to fansub it. I did watch it myself a few years back in order to understand what the fuck they were talking about in the PriPara episode 1 audio commentary. It was okay.

I will make a v0 batch at some stage. I had full official song lyrics to work from, so there was very little to go back and fix, only a typo or two, some song lyrics I came up with better translations for and one joke line I accidentally left in there after taking a screenshot. If anyone can contribute typesetting and/or point me towards transport streams (or even a properly-filtered encode) for All Star Selection, I'll redo the series with better quality.

Until then... Session Completed!



[SMC-Subs] Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection - 11v0 [1B88DE10].mkv (461 MB)
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