[Bereke Scrubs] Toei Hero Next #1 - Piece - Fragment of Memories [480p] +0

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This is a scrub of the aoihiyue and Seidoo Reiki translation of Piece - Fragment of Memories on a video sourced from DVD. Additional translation for the ending theme was done by RiderTime.

This version is softsubbed 480p 10-bit H.264 in a MKV file.

Thanks to aoihiyue, SeidooReiki, the anonymous releaser of the previous version, and RiderTime for the materials used in this release!

DDL: https://mega.nz/#F!qzIT3YhB!bb2WSdF0zo20OVJCbEZ5ow
Blog: https://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/


[Bereke Scrubs] Toei Hero Next #1 - Piece - Fragment of Memories [480p] [6EBB3BDC].mkv (1.0 GB)
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