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shiteatersubs presents Chikkun Takkun episodes 07 and 08 in Japanese with English subtitles.

Translation and Subtitling by: Bunny Bolan
Edited by: shiteaterbubibinman

Thanks very much to Bunny Bolan for her sublime translations and for allowing us to edit and release her subs.

Raws found here: https://nyaa.si/view/922700


Ep. 07 summary:

"Miko has a school assignment to sew a plush doll for a student art show, but unable to sew, she asks Chikkun to pretend to be a doll that she can submit. Chikkun wins first prize and gets lots of attention from girls, which makes Dr. Bell envious. Dr. Bell makes a female penguin doll named Penko, and brings her and the rest of the plush dolls to life through voodoo, as part of a scheme to lead Miko to a dance party and to break Chikkun's heart."

Ep. 08 summary:

"A small, bratty debt collector flies from Star R to Earth in a ship that looks like a giant mecha credit card, looking to collect on a large welfare loan Dr. Bell once took out. If Dr. Bell is unable to pay her back, she may foreclose on the earth. So he asks Chikkun and Takkun for their help in turning the debt collector away, and they begrudgingly agree."

(Source: Bunny Bolan)


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