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It’s ya boi Gremlin back at it again for another, perhaps, mediocre season of Kamachi related bullshittery.
Anyway, this episode is mostly filler to establish an intro for Accelerator then next week we start off with the Necromancy arc.
Really lookin forward to seeing Esther, SCAVENGER and giant magical Kabbalistic dick entities animated godDAMN.

Just a little extended thank you to everyone who supports this sub, would not have the guts to do this shit if not for you guys.
Gonna double down and try my best for Accel this season especially since we only got 1 cour to work with so ehhhh.

As always, if you liked this don’t forget to seed and share it.

Plus, it took me some time but I finally set up a dedicated Twitter account for the subs and other Kamachi related news so go, check it out and follow @HlidskjalfHQ if you want the latest updates and schedules on the subs! I’ll see ya guys next week.


[Gremlin] Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator - 01 [720p].mkv (319 MB)
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