GUNDAM Series (Pack 3) - MSG Wing (with Endless Waltz OVA), The 08th MS Team (with Miller's Report), After War X, Turn A (with Earth Light and Moonlight Butterfly movies), G-Saviour aka G-Savior, Evolve (Shorts) - 720p DUAL Audio x264 +0

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Hey guys, this is my THIRD Pack of the "Gundam" Series (from 1996-2001) and once again, EVERYTHING (minus the miniscule movie and shorts) is in 720p Resolution! This is ALL that this particular pack contains:

1a. MS Gundam Wing (1995-96 - DUAL Audio)
1b. Operation Meteor (1996)
1c. OVA Movie - Endless Waltz (1997-98 - DUAL Audio)
2a. MSG - The 08th MS Team (1996-99 - DUAL Audio)
2b. Compilation Movie - Miller's Report (1998 - DUAL Audio)
3. After War Gundam X (1996)
4a. Turn A Gundam (1999-2000)
4b. Compilation Movies (2002)
5. LIVE-Action Film - G-Saviour (2000 - DUAL Audio)
6. Shorts - Evolve (2001-2007)

Plot Synopsis:

MS Gundam Wing (1995-96) - "In the future, humanity has constructed several space colonies. But the corrupt Treize and his organization Oz have manipulated the United Earth Sphere Alliance into controlling earth and its colonies with an iron fist. To counteract this extreme measure, rebel colonies launch Operation: Meteor; an attempt to smuggle Mobile Suits made of Gundanium alloy to earth to combat the corruption and free earth and the colonies from Oz's control. One of these "Gundams" is piloted by Heero Yuy, who is shot down and is forced to blend in to enemy society. Now up against social issues with a girl named Relena and Oz and its puppets, Heero must unite with other rebels and save his people."

Gundam Wing OVA Movie: Endless Waltz (1997-98) - "After Colony 196, Treize Kushrenada is dead and the 5 young soldiers known as the Gundam pilots have brought peace between Earth and the Colonies through Operation me. Now they move on with their lives and their Gundams are being disposed of in the sun, never needed again. Or do they? Meet Marimaia Kushrenada, the long lost daughter of Treize. Manipulated by her grandfather Dekim, she plans to take over earth and bring it back to war with the true Operation Meteor. Relana Peacecraft gets kidnapped by her and the thought dead Barton organization and to top it off one of the Gundam pilots is fighting by their side. Now their only hope of bringing peace back is on its way to the sun. Who is the traitor? What was the true intention of Operation Meteor Will they get their Gundams in time for one last battle? Will there finally be peace?"

MSG: The 08th MS Team (1996-99) - "During the One Year War of UC 0079, A young Earth Federation Lieutenant named Shiro Amada is sent to Earth to lead a squadron of Gundam mobile suits in Southeast Asia to fight the Duchy of Zeon's forces. Along the way, he and his rag-tag 08th Mobile Suit Team discover that Zeon has been testing a new secret weapon capable enough to destroy the Federation's headquarters in South America and possibly give the Zeons an edge in the war. Shiro unknowingly meets the pilot of the Zeon secret weapon, Aina Sahalin. Together they discover that both sides fighting the war are not any better or any worse than the other."

After War Gundam X (1996) - "15 years have passed since the last war between Earth and the Colonies nearly brought humanity to the brink of annihilation. The survivors become preyed upon for technology, and those who possess Mobile suits reign supreme. Garrod Ran, a scrappy young orphan joins a group of scavengers lead by a former Newtype soldier. With the help of a young Newtype girl named Tifa Adiel, they embark on a quest to protect the remaining Newtypes from the war. Eventually, they become caught in a struggle to prevent yet another war from erupting."

Turn A Gundam (1999-2000) - "In the distant future, technology on Earth has regressed to World War I levels. Mankind's enormous twenty-kilometer-long space colonies and advanced weapons such as mobile suits have long since been forgotten, relics of a past age. However, an advanced civilization still exists on the moon, and this Moonrace, led by Queen Dianna Soreil, is about ready to come home. As the initial invasion begins, Loran Cehack, a Moonrace agent sent ahead of time and then hired by the Heim family as a driver, is at his coming of age ceremony when the centerpiece of the ceremony, the mysterious statue known as White Doll, crumbles and reveals the fully functional and very advanced Turn A Gundam. The Earth's Militia force now has something more advanced than biplanes to throw at Dianna Counter's 40-meter-tall mobile suits, and the scales are tipped further in the Militia's favor when they begin to unearth from mountains mobile suits of their own..."

LIVE-Action Film: G-Saviour (2000) - "It's the year UC 0223. With the Earth Federation collapsed, a new govenment has risen: The Congress of Settlement Nations (CONSENT). This new government tries to cover up the discovery of a new enzyme that could change humankind by feeding millions of who are starving to death. However, a rebel group led by Mark Curran tries to prevent this from happening. Their only hope is their new secret weapon: The G-Saviour (Gundam Saviour)."

Shorts: Evolve (2001-2007) - "Mobile Suit Gundam Evolve is a series of promotional short films set in the different timelines of the Gundam series. Originally there were only five Evolve episodes, produced from 2001 to 2003, Bandai created ten more Evolve episodes from 2004 to 2007. While the first few episodes took place in the Universal Century, the newer clips also showed Gundams from the other timelines.

The clips show alternative scenes, side-stories or omakes for fans. The clips feature a mix of animation media which vary from traditional animation to 3D rendering to cel-shaded animation. The target is to show the Gundams and other mobile suits in high-quality CGI. A total of 15 shorts were released and later compiled in three separate volumes, namely Gundam Evolve ../+ ("Plus"), Gundam Evolve ../ ("Omega") and Gundam Evolve ../Α ("Alpha"). Each volume consists of 5 episodes."


Name (Title): GUNDAM Series (Pack 3) - MSG Wing (with Endless Waltz OVA), The 08th MS Team (with Miller's Report), After War X, Turn A (with Earth Light and Moonlight Butterfly movies), G-Saviour aka G-Savior, Evolve (Shorts)- 720p DUAL Audio x264.

Category Type: Anime (Cartoons) and TV Series.

Length (Duration): 22-24+ Minutes per Episode | Movies are Roughly 2 Hours Each.

Year(s): 1996-2001 (-07 for the Shorts).

Genre(s): Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Mecha, Action, Adventure, Mystery and Suspense, Fantasy, etc...

Resolution: 720p for Everything (except for the G-Saviour Movie and the "Evolve" shorts).

Rip Type (Source): BluRay for everything but the (1) G-Saviour and (2) Evolve stuff: those are both DVDRip material.

Codec Type: x264.

Format of File(s): MKV(s) for Everything, basically. I only used MP4s for files with only one audio track and no subtitles added.

Audio Format & Language(s): DUAL Audio -> Japanese AND English tracks for everything (either in AC3 or AAC 5.1 Channel Audio, too) UNLESS otherwise noted.

Subtitles: YES -> Internal ENGLISH Subs Muxed into each of the MKV Files...

Chapters: YES.

Information Link(s):


  • GUNDAM Series (Pack 3) - MSG Wing (with Endless Waltz OVA), The 08th MS Team (with Miller's Report), After War X, Turn A (with Earth Light and Moonlight Butterfly movies), G-Saviour aka G-Savior, Evolve (Shorts) - 720p DUAL Audio x264
    • 1a. MS Gundam Wing (1995-96)
    • 2a. MSG - The 08th MS Team (1996-99)
    • 4a. Turn A Gundam (1999-2000)
    • 1b. Operation Meteor (1996)
    • 1c. OVA Movie (1997-98)
    • 2b. Compilation Movie (1998)
    • 3. After War Gundam X (1996)
    • 4b. Compilation Movies (2002)
    • 5. LIVE-Action Film (2000)
    • 6. Shorts - Evolve (2001-2007)
    • OTHER Anime, HERE
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