[Exiled-Destiny] Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-Mind: The Battling Days of the "Shitamachi" Virgins +0

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A probably-not-so-classic OVA series from 1999. Despite its title, it's not a hentai!

Group: Exiled-Destiny
Source: R1 DVD
Video: .mkv, h.264, 640x480 (4:3), ~1675 kb/s, VFR
Audio 1: English 2.0 Stereo AC3, 192 kb/s
Audio 2: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AC3, 192 kb/s
Subtitle 1: Songs/Signs (styled .ass)
Subtitle 2: Full subtitles (styled .ass)
Subtitle 3: Songs/Signs (vobsub)
Subtitle 4: Full subtitles (vobsub)


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