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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents:
Run, Melos!

Source: Laserdisc
Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD or Bluray souce is known to exist.

Project notes:
Orphan subtitled this from an iffy source – you can read about that effort at http://collectr.blogspot.com/2016/07/hashire-melos-1992.html for more details. They wanted to do it a bit better, so they found another copy of the disc, and here we are.

As alluded to in Orphan’s description, there is a framing issue between the two sides of the disc. Its perfectly normal for the two sides to be slightly off from one another, but its usually only by two to four columns of pixels. So long as they are processed seperately, re-aligning them is trivial. For some reason, the first side of this disc was rather severely misaligned, by more like 20 pixels instead of two. I did realign them, but it means the first half of the movie may be a slightly distorted. But honestly, I really couldn’t tell.

There was also some jitter present, which I corrected for, but this always messes up the letterboxing, so I had to rebuild it. The letterbox framing was a little inconsistent in the original anyhow.

Speaking of Orphan, they need help: http://collectr.blogspot.com/2019/04/doldrums-recruiting.html, so maybe you can help them?

Unfiltered high bitrate DVD conversion is included for archival purposes.


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