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shiteatersubs presents Chikkun Takkun episode 04 in Japanese with English subtitles.

Translation by: Fauna Crawford
Edited & Timed by: shiteaterbubibinman

Thanks very much to Fauna Crawford for her sublime translation and for allowing us to edit and release her sub.

We’d like to thank the source of the raws, but we’re not quite sure who to attribute them to. You can find the raws used here: https://nyaa.si/view/922700


"Dr. Bell builds a special phone device that allows him to teleport people through corded phones. He uses this to try and kidnap the Kyunkyuns, starting with Moko. Chikkun and Miko hurry to rescue their friends, and to find a way to turn Dr. Bell's invention on himself."

(Source: Fauna Crawford)


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