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[size=4]Michiko to Hatchin[/size]

Type: TV
Synonims: Michiko & Hatchin Michiko e Hatchin, Michiko to Hacchin
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 16, 2008 to Mar 19, 2009
Studios: Manglobe,
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Adventure,
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
MyAnimeList: https://myanimelist.net/anime/4087/Michiko_to_Hatchin
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1324968/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1

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Filename.......: [wien-subs]michiko To Hatchin - 01 [bd-720p].mp4
Container......: MPEG-4
Duration.......: 22 min 37 s
Size...........: 392MiB

Codec..........: [color=orange]AVC1[/color] / [color=orange]8 bits[/color]
Type...........: Progressive
Resolution.....: 1280x720
Aspect ratio...: 16:9
Bit rate.......: 2214kb/s

Format.........: [color=#4bb702]aac lc[/color]
Channels.......: 2.0CH channels
Bit rate.......: 201kb/s Kbps
Language.......: Japanese

Language....: [color=red]Română[/color]
Type........: HardSub
TL..........: Echipa de Traducători Wien-Subs
Enc.........: Echipa de Encodări Wien-Subs
TLC.........: Echipa de Corectare Wien-Subs
FanSub......: Wien-Subs România

[color=teal]Under the unrelenting heat of the South American sun, hardened criminal Michiko Malandro breaks out of a high security prison for the fourth time in search of a man from her past. Michiko finds a clue in the form of Hana Morenos, a young girl trapped under the fists of her abusive foster family. In her powerlessness, Hana fantasizes about the day when she is finally whisked away from her captors by her very own Prince Charming. Little does she know that her fated prince would turn out to be the buxom and husky convict who charges in atop a stolen motorbike, claiming to be her mother. The unlikely duo chase down their dreams in the sun-drenched land of Diamandra, navigating through the cacophony of betrayal, poverty, and child exploitation rings hiding in plain sight. However, wind of Michiko's manhunt soon reaches the ears of criminal syndicate Monstro Preto, and a storm of gang warfare begins brewing over the horizon… Michiko to Hatchin is the story of vibrant people and their clashing agendas, and of all the unlikely human connections drawn together by one elusive man. [Written by MAL Rewrite][/quote][/b][/color]




  • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin S01 720p Bluray AAC[RoSubbed]
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 01 [BD-720p].mp4 (392 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 02 [BD-720p].mp4 (362 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 03 [BD-720p].mp4 (346 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 04 [BD-720p].mp4 (328 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 05 [BD-720p].mp4 (278 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 06 [BD-720p].mp4 (329 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 07 [BD-720p].mp4 (325 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 08 [BD-720p].mp4 (324 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 09 [BD-720p].mp4 (342 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 10 [BD-720p].mp4 (352 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 11 [BD-720p].mp4 (344 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 12 [BD-720p].mp4 (353 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 13 [BD-720p].mp4 (370 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 14 [BD-720p].mp4 (382 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 15 [BD-720p].mp4 (340 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 16 [BD-720p].mp4 (291 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 17 [BD-720p].mp4 (324 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 18 [BD-720p].mp4 (324 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 19 [BD-720p].mp4 (359 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 20 [BD-720p].mp4 (351 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 21 [BD-720p].mp4 (361 MB)
    • [Wien-Subs]Michiko to Hatchin - 22 [BD-720p].mp4 (258 MB)
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