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Minna tomodachi! Minna sutaaraito!

This v2 release contains an updated script for "chapter 1 MUSICAL" after and now includes "chapter 2 LIVE", which is the short concert which is not related to the main feature but which comes after the play and is also on the Blu-ray. The main feature and short concert can be watched individually (or excluded from the download if you don't want them) or played together as they appear on the Blu-ray by using the playboth file (which uses ordered chapters).

No patch due to new encode.

Some notes:

- Japanese is a mystical, infinitely-complicated language and some characters' names have a deep and profound meaning. If you don't have an ear for Japanese, you may not notice that Karen and Mahiru's names appear in lyrics and dialogue as normal words, mahiru being "midday" and karen being "enchanting". Hikari ("light") as well, but that's clear from the dialogue subtitles.

- The script book Nana holds in a couple of scenes, which I found neither valuable nor practical to typeset, reads "The Girl Who Became a Banana".

- Souda-sensei's Shakespeare quote is either apocryphal or a mis-rendering of an actual quote from Julius Caesar Act I Scene II, 145-147, which reads: "Men at some time are masters of their fates: / The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

- Souda-sensei is best girl.

- I went and saw the second musical and it was great too. It's fully translated but waiting on some stuff.

Cheers to satsunyan of StarlightSubs/Seiyuuri/Revue Starlight International for helping TLC for the v2. The now-complete manga adaptation was helpful as well.

That should be it – we hope you enjoy the show!



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