[Gremlin] Toaru Majutsu no Index III Vol 1 (BD 1280x720) aka OT14 Electric Boogaloo +0

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FINALLY, a BD release by everyone’s least favorite Raildex loving cunt.

This also includes Index-tan 06 (Holy shit, I can’t believe Miki actually remembered that) and while I do wish to respect the vote on
how to approach the NCOP/ED, I simply just do not have the time or hands to slap on the lyrics for each episode.

So, I’ve taken the middle ground and simply subbed the NCOP/ED’s alone. It’s not much, but it’s all I can offer at this point.
Maybe sometime I’ll consider reuploading it with all the eps having lyrics but I simply can’t at this moment.

As for Index-tan 06, this one took a while but I believe it hits the balance of “need to get a message across” and “probable shitposting” just as Index-tan wanted.
Big thanks to everyone who helped me with the subs, and to no1_esper for providing the initial Index-tan subs on /Raildex/. Without them I wouldn’t have made a fuckin dent in the damn thing.

Thank you as ever.
As always, if you enjoyed, don’t forget to seed and share.
If you wanna contact me, you are always more than free to follow me on my Twitter


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