Naruto OVA 1-4 (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV DVD/Blu-Ray Rip +0

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Encoded the 4 Naruto OVA's into high quality MKV h.264 format with English and Japanese audio, and with English Subtitles as well.

Naruto OVA 1 and 4 were never dubbed, so they only have Japanese audio with English subtitles.

For playback all you need is the proper codec or media player if you don’t already have it.
Combined Community Codec Pack or the K-Lite Codec pack should give you all you need and more to play these back. (Do not install both, pick one)
If you do not wish to install a codec pack, a modern Media Player such as MPC-HC or VLC Media Player should come bundled with everything you need.


Naruto OVA 1 - Find The Four-Leaf Red Clover

Naruto OVA 2 - Protect The Waterfall Village

Naruto OVA 3 - Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival

Naruto OVA 4 - Finally a clash! Jōnin vs. Genin!! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!!


  • Naruto OVA 1-4 (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV DVD
    • Blu-Ray Rip
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