[RPG] [ENG] 寝取られ逃亡記録~ルナとシンシア~ / Record of Escape from NTR ~Luna and Cynthia~ (wandowando / ワンドワンド) +0

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[RPG] [ENG] 寝取られ逃亡記録~ルナとシンシア~ / Record of Escape from NTR ~Luna and Cynthia~ (wandowando / ワンドワンド)

"Record of Escape from NTR ~Luna and Cynthia~"
is an RPG created with the theme of NTR (cuckoldry).
All the H scenes depict cuckoldry related expressions.

22 base CGs (not including pose arts / variations)

* Story
One day, a mercenaries' guild is blasted with explosives.
While a girl Luna is running away because she was falsely
accused, she makes an occasional reunion with a childhood friend Leo.

Trusting that she is innocent of the incident, Leo takes
a journey with an old friend Cynthia for protecting Luna.

These girls bodies are, however, targeted in every places they visit.
Will Leo be able to end this journey without harming them...?

* System
In some particular battles heroines will be captured by the enemy when defeated.
You can go to rescue them, but please note that cumulative events cause bad ending.

* Characters
- Luna
A girl running away because falsely accused.
A childhood friend of Leo. Shy and naive but tender-hearted.

- Cynthia
A sorceress girl. Studied in a same academy as Leo.
Somewhat careless but basically honest and serious.


  • [RPG] [ENG] 寝取られ逃亡記録~ルナとシンシア~
    • Record of Escape from NTR ~Luna and Cynthia~ (wandowando
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